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The Terremerse Meat Section produces and sells fresh meat, already portioned, fresh and cured cold cuts, cured meats and hams.

It also proposes over 120 different typical Italian recipes, fresh and frozen, Ready-to-cook, with highly selected meats and fresh vegetables, all handmade and easy to prepare.

It works with the main GDO-DO brands, in the Ho.Re.Ca and Food Service sectors, using both its own brand Borgobuono and Private Labels.

Contact: Gianluca Cardinale
tel: +39 0545 72812

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  • Fresh and frozen ready-to-cook meals
  • Fresh portioned meats
  • Fresh sausages
  • Cured meats
  • Hams
Cured Meats By Borgobuono
Hams By Borgobuono
Ready To Cook Made By Borgobuono
Sausages Made By Borgobuono


  • BRC Global standard for food safety
  • IFS food
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