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Logo Deco Industrie

Deco Industrie is one of the biggest biscuits and cookies manufacturer. For bread substitutes, it is the number one producer of crostini.

It is an important player for Italian seasonal sweet specialties such as panettoni, pandori and colombe. Deco Industrie main brands are: Saltari, Pineta and Fornai & Pasticceri. It is also an important supplier for Private Label brands and co-manufacturing.

Logo about biscuits, cookies, crostini and Italian seasonal sweet speicialties
  • Biscuits & Cookies
  • Bread Substitutes (Crostini)
  • Italian Seasonal Sweet Speicialties: Panettoni, Pandori, Colombe
Double Choco Cookies By Deco Industrie
Crostini Classici By Deco Industrie
Chocolate Biscuits By Deco Industrie
Panettone By Deco Industrie


  • Product quality and organization ISO: 9001
  • ISO environment: 14001
  • IFS
  • Use of UTZ cocoa
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