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It was in 1921 that the historic mill of Coccolia (in the province of Ravenna), dating back to 1445, became the property of the Spadoni family. The company then evolved over three generations – Livio first, then Libero, and Leonardo today – implementing over time a diversification policy and interpreting new food styles and the needs of modern consumers. Today, we are the point of reference in the market of special flours and mixes for both domestic and professional use and the leaders in the large-scale retail trade in Italy. We have 9 production sites, managed by a workforce of 180 employees and supported by a network of sales agents and distributors. In addition to these sites we have a farm located at the Palazzo di Zattaglia estate in Brisighella (RA) where we raise our Mora Romagnola pigs, a native breed that was endangered in the 1990s but which was recovered thanks to the company’s farsightedness. The structure today covers an area of over 90 hectares where the pigs live in a semi-wild state. Moreover, we have a chain of “Casa Spadoni” restaurants: indeed , the concept behind our production is to have a short supply chain, with our products being in the spotlight. Alongside the catering is the Mercato Coperto, a place created in the spaces of the former Domus Magna in the center of Ravenna. This 9th-century building was intended for the fish market and it was later recovered and re-functionalized to host themed gastronomic areas. To date, Molino Spadoni exports to over 40 foreign countries, the main ones being France, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Australia, and the United States. The Group has heavily invested to ensure its current strong presence on the market not only when it comes to flour/mixes but also as regards frozen and ambient-temperature bakery products mainly intended for food service as well as organic, gluten-free, and deli. Without forgetting about its cheese and Mora Romagnola cured meats, all belonging to the Officine Gastronomiche Spadoni brand. We have also been producing a line of craft beers in our own brewery and Leonardo Spadoni brand spirits and vinegars following old recipes with authentic flavours.

Contact: Francesco Tavoletti
tel: +39 0544 569056

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Milling Industry and Frozen Food Processing:

  • traditional flours/mixes
  • special flours/mixes
  • organic flours/mixes
  • ambient-temperature bakery products
  • frozen bakery products/dough/pizza bases/pizza
  • gluten free range: flours/mixes, gourmet pasta, ambient-temperature and frozen bakery products
  • Mora Romagnola cured meats/meat
  • cheese made from cow/goat/sheep milk
  • craft beers
  • vinegars & spirits
Differents Kind Of Pasta By Molino Spadoni
Differents Kind Of Flours By Molino Spadoni: Traditional, Special And Organic
Pizzas By Molino Spadoni



  • Organic – Certificate of compliance Reg. 834/2007
  • Kosher
  • Associazione Italiana Celiachia – Spiga Barrata Service (Italian Coeliac Association)
  • BRC Food Safety
  • IFS Food
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